In Edinburgh we're spoiled for choice for restaurants, cafes and hotels, with great venues opening all the time. Standing out from the crowd can be a challenge, but with a 360° virtual tour, we've got that covered.

We worked with new restaurant Cadiz on George Street, to photograph and produce an interactive 360° virtual tour of their brand new seafood and cocktail venue. This was achieved by taking multiple photos in set locations throughout the venue which are then stitched together to create immersive panoramas. These can be embedded into a website or social media page and looks stunning when viewed on a smart device. It can feel like you're actually there (maybe have a succulent sea bass grilling nearby for full effect).

 Creating a 360 virtual tour in Cadiz, Edinburgh

Potential customers can now virtually explore the restaurant's winding nooks before they physically step into the venue (no more unexpected surprises).

Maybe you'll nip in for a signature maritime themed cocktail next time you're in the New Town.

 360 panorama of Cadiz, Edinburgh