When it comes to making videos for your business, do you ask a professional to record them for you, or make them yourself? There are advantages to both. Hiring a professional takes all the pressure off you but doing it yourself brings more flexibility in terms of where and when you make your videos; it is also cheaper. But, where does quality fit in?

Why video quality matters

Any material you share with your audience reflects on you and your brand, video included. So, it is important that your videos give the impression you want them to. Furthermore, they have to compete with the numerous other videos out there; they need to stand out. And, a well-produced video with clear sound and a defined picture helps with both these points. It demonstrates your high standards to your clients, shows you take pride in your work and is more likely to hook and engage your audience.

Conversely, poor quality videos are associated with lower engagement levels and negative emotions. People will possibly switch off part way through and are less likely to buy into your brand, thus will be more inclined to go elsewhere.

Improving your own video skills

If you like to produce your own videos but struggle to get the quality and look you are after, there are many things you can do. Microphones will improve sound quality, using a tripod will keep the camera steady and ensuring you have adequate lighting will improve the picture, but for more tips and tricks, why not join us for one of our one to one video workshops. We offer a personalised experience in which you will learn everything you need to know to produce YouTube ready videos yourself, from content and planning to equipment, video set-up and editing. You will leave with an invaluable set of skills that will help with all your video content whether pre-recorded webinars, courses and promotions or live videos on Facebook. Speak to us to find out more.