Why event filming is good for business

Video is a versatile and cost-effective marketing tool that all businesses would benefit from utilising in one form or another, whether to advertise their services, showcase their products or educate their clients. It is also an excellent way of promoting past and future events. 

Why film your event?

If you are planning a workshop, conference or other event, you may be wondering whether you should worry about filming it. After all, it is just another thing to think about and an extra expense you could probably do without. But, it is worth considering and here’s why:   

1. Provides an opportunity for self-evaluation. Reviewing footage from your event can provide insight into how it went and enable you to assess what you may want to do to improve next time; it is an excellent learning tool.

2. Shares your message with a wider audience. Without video, your messages only reach event attendees; your audience is small and restricted. Make a video, however, and your material will spread to a far wider audience, which will attract interest and, potentially, new business.  

3. Promotes your future events. Utilising footage from a past event to create a promotional advert for the next one is the ideal way to attract new attendees. Show off the highlights, include testimonials and perhaps even mini interviews and people will be eager to sign up for fear of missing out.

Why work with a professional videographer?

If you have a smartphone with video function, you can film your own event or get a friend or colleague to take some footage for you. But, unless the video is only for you to review, there will be a substantial amount of editing to do before you have a professional looking video ready for release on social media; it is time-consuming. And, on the day itself when you have 101 other things to think about, do you really want to be worrying about making sure you get the right footage? Especially when there are so many different angles, lighting conditions and backgrounds to play with. Why not relieve some of the stress, focus on running your event and let us take care of the video? 

With our high-quality equipment and extensive experience, we will make sure to capture your event in the best way possible and will even collect video testimonials if required. Then, after a bit of post-processing, we will leave you with a professional video that will capture your audience’s attention and make your brand and event stand out from the crowd. See our event filming page for more details, or contact us to discuss your up and coming events.